Business services

Our company memberships and reference

  • Euro China Business Consulting is a business consultancy with European companies and Chinese Companies

  • Investment projects follow below:

      1. B to B projects,
      2. ICT consulting projects,
      3. EU and China Business Network Consulting projects,
      4. Manufacture OEM Consulting projects,
      5. Manufacturing Assembly projects,
      6. New Technology transfer into China Consulting projects,
      7. Environment projects,
      8. Energy Projects,

  • We assist EU market entry into China and from China into Europe by implementing client’s market entry strategies in line with its objectives and resources.
  • We can support EU/Chinese manufactures or service providers with the identification of appropriate location for their industries and support on export and import activities.
  • Consulting or agent/distributor search for Joint – Venture investment, New Technology Transfer in the ICT sector and in the traditional sector.
  • Expertise in implementing a proven well defined set of procedures to ensure we identify the clients profile of the ‘ideal partner’ services.
  • Economics and market intelligence to the advantage of clients as:
        1. market entry studies,
        2. industry reports,
        3. market trends and opportunity recognition services.
      • Euro China Business Consulting can assist with business for EU companies that wish to deal with China and from Chinese companies into Europe.
      • We provides an unique knowledge of China/EU and its domestic networks.
      • We can market support in cooperation with Chinese/EU clients, plan and Implement a number of initiatives aimed at optimizing market penetration in line with EU/Chinese clients objectives services:
        1. Including advertising,
        2. public relations,
        3. e-marketing services.
      • Marketing (strategic) activities into China and into Europe.
      • Prepare for companies:
        1. Business Plans,
        2. Marketing Plans,
        3. Sales Plans,
        4. Pricing Plans,
      • To assist and Develop company (New) Business.

      EU representation and lobbying:

      All needed guidance to approach and/or direct representation towards all relevant EU institutions (the European Commission, the European Parliament, the EU Council of Ministries, the European Investment Bank, etc.) in an efficient way.

      By networking at EU level, we facilitate the development of institutional contacts, relationships and partnerships with the EU Institutions and other European regions and stakeholders.

      In Brussels, strong links will be developed with the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Committee of the Regions and the Member States Permanent Representations whenever necessary.

      Over 230 European regional representation offices and Brussels based networks can be easily reached through our network.